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Help Coco defeat all those jungle critters trying to take over his temple home in the jungle. For more information about the game, Brave Temple Gorilla

Brave Temple Gorilla

If you’re looking for a great game full of primate fun, Brave Temple Gorilla will get you started. This amazing game is all about an adventurous daring gorilla, Coco Jingo, who takes aim at intruders to keep them away from his temple home. Just like Spiderman and Angry Temple Gorilla, this game is all about speed, ferocity, and hitting the target. If you’ve liked those games and are looking for the same fun, Brave Temple Gorilla will hand you an advanced serving of fun filled extravaganza.

Brave Temple Gorilla is based in the midst of the jungle, where Coco Jingo will go to any lengths to secure his territory and temple from all sorts of enemies. The game really begins when Coco Jingo is attacked by crocodiles and other mischievous jungle critters who wish to take over the temple. But fear not, Coco Jingo is fully armed with his load of coconuts that he uses to fight off these wicked jungle creatures. Throughout the game our brave gorilla is on high alert and keeps track of all the incoming troubles. His energetic throws turn coconuts into deadly bombs that take down those annoying crocs in a jiffy. With each passing level, you get to experience more fun as the attacks grow in number. Brave Temple Gorilla knows how to give you a challenge that you simply can’t resist.

You can help our Brave Temple Gorilla by getting the highest score in the game. Points are based on how many creatures you manage to attack successfully. The more crocs and pests you take down with your stock of coconuts, the more points you score on an average. Don’t worry about losing coconuts; you can easily boost your lot by shooting down enemies. The highest score you make will add to your record, raising the bar every time you play. That’s definitely something to look forward to. After all, what feels better than breaking your own previous best. You can triple the fun by playing Brave Temple Gorilla with your friends and giving it your all. This game is a great way to make free time more entertaining.

Don’t be fooled if the game sounds easy as the critters will give your Brave Gorilla a tough time in the jungle. The jungle environment is undoubtedly impressive, taking you on into a virtual world full of action and non-stop fun. This is the perfect way to pass time while waiting for a bus or an appointment with the dentist. It is ranked quite high among other games of similar nature. Brave temple gorilla is similar to angry temple gorilla where the fun lies in the unpredictable enemy attacks, keeping you on your toes throughout the game. This unique gorilla game has earned popularity along with other popular games such as Angry Birds and Magic Piano. With over 50,000 downloads and rising, the growing trend of Brave Temple Gorilla can’t be denied. Popular ranking websites such as have also listed Coco Jingo’s adventures at the top.