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Find out if you can dodge obstacles and successfully defeat your enemies. Your hand eye co ordination will be tested to the max in Dead Run: Brave

Dead Run Brave

The world is in danger with all the beastly dinosaurs running wild. But help is on its way in the form of Rufus – the purple haired prehistoric man. His task is not simple with all the obstacles in his way with a giant tyrannosaur rex at his toe, ready to sink his teeth into his flesh any moment. But Rufus is determined to make the world a safe place to live again and he will run with all his might to make it happen. Now Rufus is not alone in his adventures. His friend Tutu, a pterosaur, is there to help him out in every way he can.

This exciting game Dead Run: Brave is all about Rufus running for his life from the nasty T.Rex, overcoming and avoiding all the obstacles along the way. He has to slide under the rocks, jump over them, the logs and the skulls and also needs to avoid the oil spills which can slow down his speed and Rufus cannot afford that, can he! He can also hang on to his friend Tutu to avoid the terrestrial objects. There’s one more horrid thing that Rufus has to look out for that can take his life, the pit! He can cross the pit only by hanging on to Tutu or else he will fall and the game will end.

Now you have to take on the avatar of Rufus and help him in his dangerous endeavor. The game is supplemented with all the features to help you out; like the distance counter to tell you how far you have gone. The health meter is there to keep you informed how you’re doing; it moves down slightly if you hit an obstacle. Don’t let it come down too much or that will mean the end of the game. Other features include the invisibility button to save you from hitting objects, the boost button to make you super fast and the shield button will protect you from the dino’s bite.

Then there is the gem counter to tell you how many you have gathered. It really makes you want to increase the number so you play with more vigor. Gems can be gathered both by Rufus and Tutu so you are at an advantage. Make sure to pick up the falling magnet; that will make Tutu hog all the gems for you. You can use these gems to upgrade features like increasing hang time, boost time, invisibility time and magnet time. Hold on, there’s more. Gems can also get you mega boost and another shield and if you really feel the need for upgrades and are short on gems, you can always buy them.

You can keep a tab on your achievements through the ‘achievements’ button in the main menu. It really helps gauge your own performance once you are hooked to the game, and you are sure to get hooked once you start playing.

Timing is everything in Dead Run: Brave. The gems are usually found just near an obstacle so in an attempt to gather as many as you can, you have to time your jump so as to collect them and not hit the obstacles. It’s easy to get the hang of the game and it gets better and better as you keep on playing. So hit the start button and let the running begin!