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With Roofus running for his life, you can help him jump over obstacles and make a fortune by collecting gems. Click here to read more about Mega running.

Mega Running Ice

Mega Running is a popular game that is reaching new heights in the world of android apps. As the name suggests, mega running is all about using speed and force to get through oncoming obstacles. This game is based upon an adventurous character “Roofus”, who’s never ending pursuit for fun gets him into all kinds of trouble. Your goal is to make sure Roofus gets through the track safe and sound, avoiding all obstacles that come his way.

Mega Running is based upon Dead Run Brave, a popular game that is already a user favorite. Using the same characters, mega running can be differentiated on the bases of a few distinct features. Those who have played Dead Run Brave will already have an idea on what to expect with Mega Running. Starting from the first level, you work your way to the next level, dodging pits, stones, and what not. Wondering why Roofus is always on the run? Well this intriguing caveman character recently got in trouble with a tyrannosaurus that is constantly behind him and waiting to clench Roofus within its teeth. If you slow down even a little, you run the risk of losing Roofus to the fearsome tyrannosaurus!

This wild beast will keep you on the move throughout the game. Not only will you be clearing your path from obstacles, but will also be gathering gems throughout the course. You will be rewarded with precious gems for every jump and every glide you make. To add to the fun, Tutu, a Pterosaur pet owned by Roofus is always on the lookout! This dinosaur is soaring above Roofus throughout the game, providing support and help whenever needed. You can have Roofus jump across impossibly large pits with the help of Tutu. With the gems you collect at each level, you can take Roofus shopping as well. From energy boosters to magnetic fields, and from invisible shields to health boosters, you can shop for all kinds of cool things to get your character all geared up for the next level.

Then there is the gem counter to tell you how many you have gathered. It really makes you want to increase the number so you play with more vigor. Gems can be gathered both by Rufus and Tutu so you are at an advantage. Make sure to pick up the falling magnet; that will make Tutu hog all the gems for you. You can use these gems to upgrade features like increasing hang time, boost time, invisibility time and magnet time. Hold on, there’s more. Gems can also get you mega boost and another shield and if you really feel the need for upgrades and are short on gems, you can always buy them.

If you’re looking for fun and adventure, Mega Running is bound to be your favorite. The game has received a five star rating. The number of downloads are evidence of its popularity among users of all ages. You can make this your daily dose of entertainment and fun by downloading it now.