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Frank N. Stein is having a bad night with all the flying pesky pigs that won’t let him sleep. Flying pigs?

Monsters vs Piggies

Frank N. Stein is having a bad night with all the flying pesky pigs that won’t let him sleep. Flying pigs? Hard to believe but that’s the story of Frank. He stays up all night, trying to get rid of the flying pigs that are nothing more than a nuisance. Even when trying to explain why he can’t sleep, who would believe pigs can fly? His parents certainly didn’t believe him. It is now up to Frank to find a way to fight off the evil and survive the night.

In his fury and rage, frank calls upon the power of lightening to help him eliminate the pestering little pigs. But the night just gets worse for poor Frank, as the pigs aren’t the only ones who seem to be the nuisance. A fire breathing dragon, flying Frankenstein heads, and ghosts join in to make things worse. Frank can’t subdue the evil dragon with any of the weapons he has, but can only avoid being hit by his raging fire by smartly dodging him. Side by side, he must make sure he doesn’t destroy any lantern, as they are his only source of light in the long dark night.

To make sure he gets through the night alive, Frank has an abundance of weapons he can use fight off the evil pigs and ghosts! Spikeballs are his number one weapon that can help attack the evil little pigs and also add to his points. So why is it hard for little Frank to beat all his enemies? To and fro up, up and down, Frank is either dodging the fire breathing dragon, or aiming at pigs, or avoiding the lanterns, a never ending pursuit of peace. He can’t stop and he can’t slow down, frank has to be on the lookout at all times because you never know when the pigs are heading his way. He needs to make sure he has enough points to get him through the night. Every pig killed adds 50 points to Frank’s fortune, and 25 points for each ghost, which he can use later to shop for shields, extra lives, exploding pumpkins, and of course, more spikeballs. Did you know that Frank can get a 10 spikeballs altogether by simply targeting a flying Frankenstein head? And he can also kill multiple pigs with a single explosive pumpkin! On the other hand, every consecutive hit leads to bonus points of 100%! So with each target, 100 points go straight to his scoreboard, and with another consecutive hit, another 200, and so on. To keep himself boosted for the never ending battle, Frank needs to make sure he has enough lives and plenty of weapons to help him subdue his enemies. You need to help him never let his points hit the bottom, as that would simply mean game over. One hit by the dragon is enough to lose the battle. The night is full of surprises and non-stop adventures. So it is up to you to help Frank beat all his enemies and get some peace.